Unique fundamentals give HØST a competitive edge (video)

The cornerstones of HØST PtX Esbjerg create the optimal starting point for delivering green RNFBO compliant hydrogen at competitive prices. Geography and infrastructure are decisive factors.

The North Sea offers optimal conditions for green energy due to its permanent and strong winds and relatively shallow water depth. When this is combined with a close proximity to an international port in one of the largest cities in the country, which can use the surplus heat from the production of hydrogen, a platform for stable and competitive delivery of green hydrogen is created.

Important infrastructural parameters

- Here in Esbjerg the conditions are present that not only allow us to establish ourselves as a very robust supplier, it also allows us to have a competitive edge regarding price. The biggest cost in the production of green hydrogen remains the price of green power. Our location by the North Sea gives us a substantial advantage, which is further supported by our existing grid connection agreement.

HØST has a short distance to both existing and planned infrastructure - both with regard to power and hydrogen. Those are infrastructural parameters that will be extremely important in a competitive environment, where we are facing a market that will demand stable delivery at a competitive pricesays project director at HØST PtX Esbjerg, David Dupont-Mouritzen.


Green partnership

- Obviously, the German market is especially interesting for us, since the green RNFBO compliant hydrogen is needed in large quantities for the heavy industry and other sectors, that cannot be electrified. These sectors have a significant importance for the German economy, and hence stable production will be paramount.

The German economy is also of great importance for Danish export and sale of services. Further, Denmark is dependent on many of the products that are currently produced in Germany with associated local CO2 emission, although end-consumption is based in Denmark.

In Denmark, we have the possibility to produce large amounts of green energy, which will be in increasing demand and essential for reaching our joint ambitions for the climate. The potential for "green" trade between our two countries is enormous, and we see HØST PtX Esbjerg as a natural part of the green partnership with Germany and the rest of the EU in the future.

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