Minister for Climate visited HØST

The development of HØST PtX Esbjerg and also the future hydrogen pipeline that is to connect Denmark to Germany was on the agenda, when Lars Aagaard visited the west coast.

Lars Aagaard, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities visited HØST PtX Esbjerg. With an electrolyzer capacity of 800-1000 MW, HØST PtX Esbjerg is expected to be one of the leading PtX plants in Denmark and among the first gigawatt-scale PtX facilities in Europe.

Future hydrogen pipeline

On the agenda was a visit to the future Høst site, presentations of the development and status of the project – and discussions on the future hydrogen pipeline that is to connect Denmark to Germany and unlock the vast amount of energy in the North Sea needed to decarbonize our societies and reach our 2050 climate goals.

Interest in how to progress

Project director at Høst, David Dupont-Mouritzen said.

- PtX - and by extension HØST and other Danish PtX projects - will play a key role in opening the door to decarbonization of hard-to-electrify sectors such as shipping, agriculture, and industrial applications. We would like to thank Lars Aagaard, the Danish Government and The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities for showing interest in the industry’s position and how to progress a decision on hydrogen infrastructure. We look forward to being working alongside both authorities and the industry in moving the Danish PtX industry forward.


Photo: Adam Rieper - The Ministry for Climate, Energy and Utilities.