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Austria gets ready for Power-to X

The Austrian ambassador to Denmark, Dr. Alice Irvin, visited HØST PtX Esbjerg together with a group of Austrian parliamentarians. The purpose was to learn more about Power-to-X.

During a visit to the Danish energy metropolis organized by Business Esbjerg, a group of Austrian parliamentarians made a stop at the HØST office to get wiser about Power-to-X (PtX).

- Today has given us very useful insight into the challenges Austria faces and the most important factors we must be aware of. We have to make sure that we have enough power in the coming years, and we also have to deal with the fact that that some things take 9-10 years to build, when you think of the administrative processes. We need to reduce the bureaucracy surrounding the green transition. We make the political decisions, and it is good to see things ‘hands on,’ so we know what to do in reality, explained the Austrian parliamentarian Carina Reiter (ÖVP), who was the leader of the delegation.

The importance of self-sufficiency

Carina Reiter noted several key take-aways from the visit to HØST PtX Esbjerg

- We realise the importance of having our own resources in order to reduce dependency on other nations. It is important to strengthen self-sufficiency within, for example, the production of ammonia or other clean forms of energy.

Attention from abroad

The visit gave Project director David Dupont-Mouritzen the opportunity to talk about the many ways in which the HØST project leading by example.

- A lot is happening right now in the European energy sector, and it is only natural that we attract attention to Esbjerg with the development that is taking place here. Our project is also interesting because it is a pioneer, and it gives an insight into both the opportunities and the challenges that follow when you have to establish PtX production, explains David Dupont-Mouritzen

Great opportunities in Esbjerg

David Dupont-Mouritzen is delighted by the attention that the new technologies are receiving from all sides.

- We have great opportunities here in Esbjerg to be standard-bearers within PtX, and it becomes clear every time we have visitors from abroad, where the interest in accelerating the green transition is significant. In the coming days, Esbjerg is hosting Energiens Folkemøde (The Peoples Meeting of Energy), which is another opportunity to talk about the great solutions that PtX provides. We have a task in conveying this both locally and beyond the country's borders. There are great perspectives in PtX, and it is even more interesting with the current energy prices. New solutions are needed.


Photo: Red Star – The Austrian ambassador in Denmark, Dr. Alice Irvin (number three from the right), visited Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and HØST PtX Esbjerg together with a group of Austrian parliamentarians led by Carina Reiter (number three from the left).